How Intelligent Digital Marketing Works

By now you may have received an email or a call (or perhaps many) in desperation to sell you paid marketing, SEO services, email marketing. Or maybe an Adwords or Facebook marketing expert have reached you telling you that that’s the fastest way to get sales and you get direct customers only. Everything they are telling you is correct, they are telling you exactly the right thing, only if you had a time machine to travel 5 years back.

As jobs are paying less and decreasing at a significant rate creating inflation, thus there are startup businesses formed and closed on a daily basis globally, wherein the ratio of shutting down is relatively small. The growth in competition is pushing limits and also setting new ones. There was a time when just by doing link building or content posting people started to get on top of searches but then it reached its saturation point and works no more all alone. There was a time when just by Facebook ads we generated millions of sales for business in an years time, it still works but can’t think of hundreds of thousands now. With careless spending of a few thousands on Adwords, we generated millions of dollars of sale but now, even with precision it doesn’t work all alone.

There is still a plethora of stand-up comedians who love sticking to their jokes of 80s and 90s. Link builders, pay per click campaign managers, SEO consultants, Adwords consultants are like comedians that have never stepped up to adapt or even realize the importance of digital marketing and reinforced learning. The days of “one joke for all” are over and intelligent people like you would no more be fighting over in their conscience by now.

It’s time for you to start analyzing what you have heard and all that you’ve read. Humans in each span of 4 years happen to collectively build a new pattern globally. Digital marketing that is now becoming intelligent marketing is a fusion of all the tactics infused and implemented with a strategy. Adwords and PPC requires website to be accurate rather adequate, website structure and pages needs to be highly effective with its presentation. Copy-writer needs to ensure copy on the website is technically correct and relevant, social media campaigns needs to be utilized for organic build up, link-building needs not be in huge quantity but highly specific, relevant and of quality and so on and you don’t need to afford their payroll to get to succeed. This is called reinforced learning and this concept will continue to develop its form at faster rate than an average person can even image.  

It’s worth discussing with people who have adapted and well practiced intelligent digital marketing. With the years of experience of strategies, we’ve come up with plans for every business regardless of their size regardless of budgets. Would this not be a glimpse of intelligent marketing that we’ve done projects for as low as $1 per lead and $5 per conversion as our service fee?